Running devnets with Docker Compose

In this section, we use Docker Compose to run a simple devnet with a single validator.

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and managing multi-container Docker applications. It allows you to describe the services, networks, and volumes of your application in a single YAML file (docker-compose.yml). With Docker Compose, you can easily start, stop, and manage all the containers in your application as a single unit using simple commands like docker-compose up and docker-compose down.

For a more complete setup, consider using Kind as described in the next section.


This section covers everything you need to install to run a Linera network with Docker Compose.

Note: This section was only tested under Linux.

Docker Compose Requirements

To install Docker Compose see the installing Docker Compose section in the Docker docs.

Installing the Linera Toolchain

To install the Linera Toolchain refer to the installation section.

You want to install the toolchain from GitHub, as you'll be using the repository to run the Docker Compose validator service.

Running with Docker Compose

To run a local devnet with Docker Compose, navigate to the root of the linera-protocol repository and run:

cd docker && ./

This will take some time as Docker images are built from the Linera source. When the service is ready, a temporary wallet and database is available under the docker subdirectory.

Referencing these variables with the linera binary will enable you to interact with the devnet:

$ linera --wallet wallet.json --storage rocksdb:linera.db sync
2024-06-07T14:19:32.751359Z  INFO linera: Synchronizing chain information
2024-06-07T14:19:32.771842Z  INFO linera::client_context: Saved user chain states
2024-06-07T14:19:32.771850Z  INFO linera: Synchronized chain information in 20 ms
$ linera --wallet wallet.json --storage rocksdb:linera.db query-balance
2024-06-07T14:19:36.958149Z  INFO linera: Evaluating the local balance of e476187f6ddfeb9d588c7b45d3df334d5501d6499b3f9ad5595cae86cce16a65 by staging execution of known incoming messages
2024-06-07T14:19:36.959481Z  INFO linera: Balance obtained after 1 ms

The network is transient, so killing the script will perform a cleanup operation destroying wallets, storage and volumes associated with the network.