Views are a specific functionality of the Linera system that allow to have data in memory and then seamlessly flush it to an underlying persistent datastore.

The full documentation is available on the crate documentation with all functions having examples.

Concretely, what is provided is the following:

  • A trait View that provides load, rollback, clear, flush, delete. The idea is that we can do operation on the data and then flush it to the database storing them.

  • Several other traits HashableView, RootView, CryptoHashView, CryptoHashRootView that are important for computing hash.

  • A number of standard containers: MapView, SetView, LogView, QueueView, RegisterView that implement the View and HashableView traits.

  • Two containers CollectionView and ReentrantCollectionView that are similar to MapView but whose values are views themselves.

  • Derive macros that allow to implement the above mentioned traits on struct data types whose entries are views.